List of pre-conference events in the lead up to the MTR

Date and VenueEventOrganizers
Astana, Kazakhstan
16-17 May 2018
Ministerial Meeting on Transport and Trade for LLDCs with the theme: Importance of transport connectivity and trade facilitation for the achievement of the SDGs
Government of Kazakhstan and UN-OHRLLS
Regional Commissions, UNCTAD, World Bank, UNDP, WTO, WCO, ITC
New York
30 May 2018
Briefing on Climate Migration Landlocked Developing Countries (LLDCs)International Organization for Migration (IOM) and UN-OHRLLS
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
11-12 June 2018
Inaugural Conference of the International Think Tank for LLDCs Government of Mongolia, the International Think Tank for LLDCs, and UN-OHRLLS
New York
11 July 2018
Reaching Global Markets: Connecting LLDCs' Cities Through Sustainable Aviation (2018 HLPF Side Event)UN-OHRLLS, ICAO
New York
12 July 2018
Accelerating the energy transition in LLDCs
(2018 HLPF Side Event)
Government of Paraguay; Government of Austria; OHRLLS, UNIDO
Almaty, Kazakhstan
18-19 September 2018

Expert Group Meeting on the Midterm Review of Vienna Programme of Action for LLDCs for the Decade 2014-2024 UNESCAP, UNCTAD, UNECE
11 October 2018
Trade Facilitation Workshop on Transit WTO, UN-OHRLLS
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
16-17 October 2018
Sub-regional Workshop on Fostering Structural Transformation and Export Diversification in Selected Asian LLDCsUNCTAD, ITTLLDCs
25 October 2018
Ministers Meeting: Promoting Foreign Investment For LLDCs (In the margins of the World Investment Forum)UN-OHRLLS, UNCTAD
South Africa
12-15 November 2018
Border Agency Cooperation WorkshopWTO, WCO, World Bank, UN-OHRLLS, UNCTAD
Gaborone, Botswana
November 2018

Sub-regional Workshop on Fostering Structural Transformation and Export Diversification in Landlocked Developing Countries Southern Africa
Katowice, Poland
10-14 December 2018
Side event on Climate change (in the margins of Conference of the Parties (COP 24) to the UNFCCC)
8 April 2019
Strengthening ICT Connectivity and Digital Inclusion of Landlocked Developing Countries (LLDCs)UN-OHRLLS, ITU
10-11 April 2019
Expert Group Meeting on Promoting science, technology, innovation and policies for achieving structural economic transformation and sustainable development in LLDCs

New York
May (TBC)
Retreat on LLDCs and midterm review of VPoAUN-OHRLLS
June 2019 (TBD)World Bank/UN-OHRLLS pre-conference event UN-OHRLLS, World Bank
25-27 June 2019 (TBC)
Preconference event on Promoting Euro-Asian Transport and Trade Corridors to be held in Euro-Asia RegionOHRLLS, ESCAP
3-5 July 2019 (TBC)
Expert Group Meeting on Trade facilitation measures in LLDCs (In the sidelines of Aid for Trade Review)UN-OHRLLS
TBDClimate technology needs of LLDCs: the CTCN experience
Description: Climate Technology Center and Network technical assistance in some LLDCs presentation