High-Level International Workshop on the World Trade Organization Agreement on Trade Facilitation [En]   OHRLLS June 2014 Second UN Conference on Landlocked Developing Countries Programme [En] Vienna, November 2014
High-level report on WTO, Trade Vienna Conference Program Cover
The Vulnerability of Landlocked Developing Countries to External Shocks [En] OHRLLS August 2014 Summary Report – Retreat of Ambassadors in Preparation for the Second United Nations Conference on Landlocked Developing Countries [En] May 2014
Vulnerability Report, Aug 2014 Summary Report, Ambassadors Retreat Cover
The Commitment Spring [En] OHRLLS 2014 The Commitment Summer [En] OHRLLS 2014
The Commitment Spring 2014 The Commitment, Summer 2014
The Commitment Spring [En] OHRLLS 2013 The Commitment Winter [En] OHRLLS 2012
Spring 2013 commitment cover Winter 2012 Commitment Cover
The Commitment – Winter [En] OHRLLS 2013 Development Economics of Landlockedness [En]
2013 Winter Commitment The development economics of landlockedness

Enhancing ICT development and connectivity for the LLDCs – Issues Note and Chair’s Summary Adopted at the Thematic Meeting held as part of the preparatory process for the Comprehensive 10 Year Review of the Implementation of the Almaty Programme of Action on 31st October 2013, in Nairobi, Kenya [EN]

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Landlocked developing countries – things to know, things to do [EN]

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Unlocking the trade potential of LLDCs –  Compilation of statements and presentations delivered at the High-Level Global Thematic Meeting on International Trade, Trade Facilitation and Aid for Trade (Almaty, Kazakhstan, 13-14 September 2012) [EN]

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Perspectives on the priorities of new development agenda for the LLDCs – Report of a    Brainstorming Meeting held as part of the preparatory process for the Comprehensive 10 Year Review of the Implementation of the Almaty Programme of Action [EN]

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